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REVIEW: Finding One’s Way in DEINE FARBE
Posted on September 28, 2020Email To Friend    Print Version

Allow me to peruse you with a quick story, if I may.

While thinking of a hundred ways to begin the article, my thoughts kind of drifted at a distance, and I can’t help but recall my collegiate years. There were moments during those years where my life came to a standstill and I can’t seem to figure out anything. But then I remembered how I always found my way in those situations despite the insurmountable odds. Those moments reminded me where and why I began my aspirations.

In essence, that’s how I’ve had an instant connection with Maria Diane Ventura’s latest film, Deine Farbe (Your Color).

Two Disparate Lives

Described as a structural coming-of-age piece with road film elements, Deine Farbe centers on two best friends, Karl and Albert, as they play with the idea of leaving their small hometown in search of a better life. With their sense of humor and a knack for adventure, they decide to document their lives in the hopes of sharing their passions publicly. However, their paths begin to diverge upon realizing the difficulties of life, which eventually drives a deep wedge between the two friends.

The film is a beautifully-helmed study on the themes of friendship, culture, acceptance, and ultimately, life. Deine Farbe deconstructs these themes to demonstrate how these factors along with various circumstances affect the very choices we make. It also expounds on the virtue of isolation and how it drives our capacity to express emotions.

To put it aptly, Deine Farbe is a mirror, not just of the modern times in its societal context, but of our own need to search for life’s very meaning.

Life in Color

As a cinephile, the first thing I often examine when reviewing a film is its usage of color grading, and for the most part, Deine Farbe succeeds pretty well. The film seemingly lives up to its title, as evidenced by its employment of a broad spectrum of colors to set up the scenes’ varying moods.

Karl and Albert’s road sequences leverage a vibrant tone, while somber and tension-filled scenes shift to muted colors. Eventually, the climax drifts heavily to darker tones to prepare the audience for what comes next.

While shift in color grades may mean inconsistency, the same cannot be said for Deine Farbe. They work.

The Perfect Leads

Deine Farbe wouldn’t have worked its magic if not for its effective leads, Nyamandi Adrian and Jannik Schumann. The two blended very well and their portrayal of Karl and Albert’s friendship has turned quite naturally on-screen.

Jannik hits all of Karl’s nuances spot on. He brings a sense of youthfulness and maturity to the character and he even manages to deliver in one of the movie’s strongest sequences. Nyamandi also succeeds in portraying Albert in his varying emotional wavelengths, from his simpler days down to his darkest moments. It almost appeared as if the film was tailor-made for their acting capacities.

Find Your Way

Maria Diane Ventura definitely shows promise as an auteur with Deine Farbe. Despite its abundance of themes, it moves along a straight path in its bid to express one simple message: To never lose sight of our way. To find our way.

Have you found yours? It’s time we start moving.

Source: Flip Geeks

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