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Diane Ventura’s Passion is Directing
Posted on January 23, 2013Email To Friend    Print Version

Manila, Philippines – PASSION – Ma. Diane C. Ventura is pretty enough to be in front of the camera, but she’d rather be behind it. Directing is her passion. And Diane prepared for that passion.


She studied arts at UP, advertising management at La Salle. And if that’s not enough, Diane took up a summer course (2009) at NYU-Tisch and is currently pursuing film studies at NY Foundation for the Arts.

Her name rings a bell… and media colleagues say Diane is the ex-wife of Ely Buendia of Eraserheads fame. They remain friends. In fact, Ely is one of her talents.

RECOGNITION – Diane’s first short film, “TheRapist,” won recognition last year at the International Film Festival Manhattan in NY for being one of the Top 3 most popular short films. It competed with 42 other short films from all over the world.

Quite an achievement for a neophyte director, inspiring Diane to prepare for her next short film and, eventually, a feature length movie.

She admires Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock and Mike de Leon.

ONE AND ONLY – Chrie Gil topbills “TheRapist,” with Marco Morales as co-star. Had Cherie declined, Diane would have scrapped the project, the actress being her one and only choice.

Fortunately, Cherie liked the script, where she plays a psychiatrist with an intriguing and puzzling personality. A doctor who’s also in need of counseling.

Marco plays Cherie’s patient, a rapist who justifies his crime. But in the end, the viewer is jolted by an unexpected twist in the 15-minute film.

Also in the cast are Diane Dreyfus and Lally Buendia.

‘PRO-RAPE’? – Diane has been criticized in some quarters for being “pro-rape.” Which surprises and unsettles the director, who says women should learn how to protect themselves.

therapist poster

Diane adds that women ought to avoid situations where their honor is endangered.

By the way, Diane didn’t really know Marco when she cast him in “TheRapist.” But he looked right for the part and so he got the rapist role. She laughs when colleagues Jun Nardo asks: “Bakit di mo pinaghubad si Marco, di ba siya ang frontal-nudity king?”

Diane should, by all means, pursue her directorial passion. Very promising, indeed.

SPEEDY NOTES – Alex Gonzaga’s BF is NOT Chris Tiu but his cousin Jed, who is very supportive of her career. Alex excels in comedy, just like sister Toni Gonzaga… Speaking of Toni, her longtime BF Paul Soriano is ready to settle down, but Toni herself is not. Toni dear, don’t let Paul out of your sights. He’s a prize catch… Jake Cuenca looks very handsome with his hair cropped short, just like Derek Ramsay. His Spanish features are highlighted by the almost “kalbo” look.


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